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Pierre Wahlström

Pierre Wahlström
Curriculum Vitae

Pierre Wahlström, born July 11, 1970
Civil education and commissions
Commissioned officer in 1989.
Served as an officer at a security unit, where I specialized in dogs, since 1991.

During several years, I've been responsible for the training of dogs, as well as being an instructor at the Swedish Wing F5 in Ljungbyhed, Deputy Chief and Chief at the Department for Dogs at the Swedish Wing F7 in Såtenäs, Deputy Chief at the Department for development at the Dogserviceunit in the Swedish Armed Forces/FHTE. At present I´m CEO for testing and obtaining dogs for the Swedish Armed Forces and technical adviser for dog breeding in the Swedish Armed Forces.

Speaking English and understand German.
Commissions of trust within the Swedish Workdog Association / the Kennel Club / SBK/SKK

Descriptive for Mental tests, since 1998

IPO Judge, since 2001

IPO Figurant, 1997-2007

Breeding German shepherds under the kennel name ”Imzedrifts”

Judge commissions
  • Several judge commissions at local tests, in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 
  • World Championships qualifications-selection in Argentina 
  • World Championships qualifications-selection in Belgium 
  • World Championships qualifications-selection in Italy 
  • IPO CACIT – competition in Holland 
  • American Masters Tournament. 
  • Swedish Championships for German shepherds
  • World Championships for German shepherds, Division C
  • World Championships qualifications-selection in Italy 2009 
  • Spanish Championships FCI, Division C, 2009
  • Sweden Championship for GSD, div C, 2009
  • Sweden Championship FCI, div A,B,C, 2009
Successes in competitions with Hindens Imze and Ängsbackens Rosso


· 1998 Nordic IPO Silver in Finland.

· 1999 Swedish Championships, Gold BHP

· 1999 Nordic BHP Gold in Danmark

· 1999 World Championships, position 18 in Germany, SchH

· 2000 Swedish Championships, Silver BHP

· 2000 World Championships, position 5 in Belgium, SchH

· 2001 Swedish Championships, Bronze BHP

· 2002 Swedish Championships, Silver BHP

· 2002 World Championships, position 13 in Austria, SchH

· 2003 Swedish Championships, position 4, BHP

· 2003 World Championships, position 5 in Italy, SchH

· 2005 Swedish Championships, Gold BHP

· 2005 World Championships, position16 in Holland, IPO

· 2006 Swedish Championships, Silver BHP

· 2006 World Championships, Silver in Danmark, SchH

· 2007 Swedish Championships, Gold BHP

· 2007 World Championships, Gold in Slovakia, SchH