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  • New litter delivery in Mars 2016

    If you want to have a pup that have that little extra, then its time to make a reservation now!

    We sell this pups only to very active people!
    Soon we will put on information,
    The mother is;
    Imzedrifts Alice

  • Imzedrifts H-litter

    Bruksmarkens Wallander

    Imzedrifts Catinka
    al sold!

  • Listen to the podcast, interview with me...

    "High in Trial"

    made an interview with me!!
    About training, trails, breeding and lot more!!

  • See you in Florida, USA

  • Imzedrifts the best breeder 2014

    So happy,

    3 dogs from our breeding, and the vinner
    Imzedrifts Viggo, on the list of the best
    IPO dogs in Sweden 2014!!
    Thank you al for this and for the good 
    job you al do!!
    Happy New Year!!
    M & P

  • 12 weeks femalepup for sale, more info News

    Imzedrifts Gabi
    e. Jabina Pascal
    u. Imzedrifts Ulla-Tora
    Serious interested Contact us!


Jabina Pascal

Have breed 3 intressting females!
Info ; at Kennel  Memorix and Molars

Have you tryed the "Top Matic" system?
Check it and more cool stuff on vipdog !
See you!

Jabina Pascal

The best producer male i have used in My breeding, (3 Times).
Outstanding statistics for HD/ED , in 6 different kombinations 91% free HD, 97% free ED!!
Produce THE High drives we need for work!
In the pedigree Ängsbackens Rosso, Orry vh Antverpa, Udo v. Quentawald, Quinto v. Haus Nuyens, Jabina Frigga....
Owner Joachim Siesing
Holder from 2013 P Wahlström

We wish you al

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und gesundes Neues Jahr!
Joyeux Noël et une heureuse nouvelle année!


Divahedens Godis passed today the breedsurvey in Germany (SV Og Tengen)
Gratulation Joe & Claudia (in Kruft)  to god job.
Imzedrifts Texas & Magnus passed today the breedsurvey in Sweden
Imzedrifts Vincent & Carina passed today the breedsurvey in Sweden.
Gratulation to al handlers and helpers for god job!

Camp Imzedrift

New Camp Imzedrift
Se more info under news!!
‎2012 års sista Camp Imzedrift genomförs den 1-2 december.
Plats Knickarp, Skåne
Tid start 0900 den 1/12
Omfattning; genomgång avd B & C.
På Kvällen den 1/12 har vi beställt plats för ett riktigt Skånskt "Julabord" på Sjöbo Gästis (var en står för sitt "intag"!!). Anmälan om deltagande på Campen och på Julbordet skall vara Maria tllhanda senast den 16/11-2012, maila henne på,
Kommer ni?
Vi ses, vh pw

Kennel Imzedrifts Swedish #1, 2 & 7

Felicia and Niska is Swedish champions
IPO/FCI 2012 !
Annika and Index is Swedish vice
Eva lynn and Sushi are #7
Super performence from dogs and handlers!

New puppies

Imzedrifts Maxxa get 3 males 2 females.
Imzedrifts Ulla-Tora get 3,3

Imzedrifts Carelin, Ippon,

a fantastic dog has left us, 11 years old Imzedrifts Carelin "Ippon".
"Ippon" with owner Milan Dodig compete 4 times
WUSV, Swedish Championship.
Ippon was and will be one of the most consistent and complete dogs.
Friends with everyone, but always alert for new adventures!
Thanks Ippon, for all we have experienced with you!

Extra training Camp!

The weekend 23-24 of june
we decide to have a extra training
for IPO 2, and 3 dogs!
Offcourse al handlers from our
team are welcome, but the focus
this time is on the dogs who shal
compete quali and championships.
We meet at my home 0900, saturday.
Send email if you will join!

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