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  • New litter delivery in Mars 2016

    If you want to have a pup that have that little extra, then its time to make a reservation now!

    We sell this pups only to very active people!
    Soon we will put on information,
    The mother is;
    Imzedrifts Alice

  • Imzedrifts H-litter

    Bruksmarkens Wallander

    Imzedrifts Catinka
    al sold!

  • Listen to the podcast, interview with me...

    "High in Trial"

    made an interview with me!!
    About training, trails, breeding and lot more!!

  • See you in Florida, USA

  • Imzedrifts the best breeder 2014

    So happy,

    3 dogs from our breeding, and the vinner
    Imzedrifts Viggo, on the list of the best
    IPO dogs in Sweden 2014!!
    Thank you al for this and for the good 
    job you al do!!
    Happy New Year!!
    M & P

  • 12 weeks femalepup for sale, more info News

    Imzedrifts Gabi
    e. Jabina Pascal
    u. Imzedrifts Ulla-Tora
    Serious interested Contact us!


Till salu 4 mån hanvalp

GrÃ¥, mkt driftig &  förig!
Hör av er till oss vid intresse.

Less mistakes Team & PT-training


4,5 month female for sale

Total black, with verry nice behave and temperament

Contact us if you are serious interested !!!

Imzedrifts Ulla-Tora have puppies

4 males 3 females
linebreed 3 x Worldchampion Orry vh Antverpa 5,5-3
more info under "news"

Imzedrifts Qie have puppies

Father is 
PH Amagers Urban
We are expecting pups with outstanding drives and natural "instincts"
I hade the mother of Urban at home in one week, then I decide to use a son from her when there was any chance, 
When I saw this young male Urban, the case was closed...!
(Urban have 3 generation Policedogs in the pedigree) !
The mother have in 2 litters give 
11 puppies, 10 HD A, 1 HD C. 10 ED 0, 1 ED 1.

Please contact us if you are interested in this litter!
Kindest regards
Pierre & Maria

New puppys are planed

u. Imzedrifts Ulla-Tora 
3 times worldchamp
Orry vh Antverpa 5,5-3
Contact us if you are interested in this litter

This is a very interesting combination,
I tryed to breed with the father to Hoss one time for a couple of years ago,
but he was at that time to old "to produce"..
This is for me the perfect mix, between drives, nerves and hardness.
The mother Ulla-Tora is a realy "explosive" female with a lot of natural instincts, 
The father of Ulla, Q Vh Shiho, is verry well known, for producing dogs with high energy and excellent working abilities.
The mother of Ulla, Iska v Spadener Holtz, is one of my best producers.

Ulla have in her first litter give 100 % free HD/ED in the offsprings.
All her 6 pups is x-rayed with HD A, ED 0.

New planed breeding

Delivery date around begining 2014-02..
Puppies from Imzedrifts!
e. Cartagena Felix Rex (SWE Champ, FCI #10 2013)
u. Imzedrifts WrÃ¥la 
Welcome to contac us if you are intrest in a puppy from this litter.

Imzedrifts Maxxa & Jabina Pascal

Waiting puppies,
Delivery end of September 2013
The kombination are done 2 times before...
Contact us, if you like this lines and whant 
a real workingdog!!

Imzedrifts male 15 month for sale

Unghane till salu,
Lämplig till bruks & tjänst
Kräver viss hundvan förare!
Vid intresse Ring eller maila oss
vh Maria & Pierre

Imzedrifts Sushi & Evalynn SBCH (IPO)

Get the title
Swedish working dog IPO champion!!

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